Insanis sum


i was at the dollar store the other day and my sister was like “should we get milk?” and i was like “nah, it’s hot and we have to walk, besides dollar store milk is disgusting” and the fucking lady at the register was like “EXCUSE ME?” and i was like “uh, sorry?” and she was like “WE DON’T HAVE…

Moment of Appreciation for the Destiel Love Child




This is Ben BarnesimageHe is  the love child of Castiel and Dean Winchesterimage

Let’s do a comparison

.. imageFace MergingimageBen Barnes

Destiel with  Long Hairimage


Ben Barnes with long hairimage

I mean just… Look at himimageimage


All I can say is..image

This commences our Moment of Appreciation. 

I wonder if he knows that all of Tumblr has dubbed him the Destiel baby

Thank you!!! I finally know his name now

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